Moves to

It was in 2013 that David Seitz contacted me, and we began working together on creating It was a completely custom built website using the Drupal CMS, an online content management system designed for building websites online.

When David came back to me in 2018 asking about making some major revisions to the custom site we created, I suggested a move to Squarespace, and was thrilled to have him agree to the move.

We are excited to introduce a more elegant, seamless

Here are some of the features we are sure you will enjoy:

  • A new responsive design that formats to whatever device you may be using, without impacting the amount of information provided to you. You can access all of through any device, and always in a format that is easily digestible for that device.

  • A “News” blog section that allows David to post articles and noteworthy information in an efficient way that makes it easy for everyone to keep in touch with David’s work.

  • A more current website for you because the website uses the very powerful, yet simple tools provided by Squarespace that make updates quick and efficient.

  • A new level of security. When you visit the site, you will now notice that it is a secure connection. You will now see a green icon in the URL bar of your Internet browser indicating that the connection is safe and secure.

  • A better contact form that is more straight forward and easier to use with simpler instructions and more fields for placing orders.

In addition David has made the following changes to the music on the site:

  • The music has been reorganized to simplify the search for that right piece of music.

  • A new system to describe levels difficulty has been created and implemented.

—Ruth J. Smucker, Artist & Designer, for David A. Seitz