See and Hear These New Pieces: "He Is My Everything" and "Now to Your, Our God"

In 1964 I was second tenor in the Mennonite Hour Quartet, and that summer we toured the island of Jamaica extensively for two weeks. Mennonite Broadcasts produced "The Way to Life" for airing overseas. The quartet, along with the radio pastor, gave live voices and faces to the program's listeners around the island.

I remember large crowds and nightly services opening with enthusiastic singing of choruses. Songs like "Do You Know the Name of the Father?" and "He Set Me Free One Day" enjoyed many repetitions in a time and place when Christian services were a key part of social and entertainment life.

Back home I made a TTBB medley out of four choruses and an ensemble recorded them on the album I Feel the Spirit. The other year I updated the arrangements a bit as I engraved them in my Sibelius software. Here for the enjoyment and inspiration of singing men and their listeners is the medley He Is My Everything.

The SATB piece Now to You, Our God was written in '95 for a summer octet at First United Methodist Church of Mishawaka, Indiana. With the usual short rehearsal time and with my wife Christine, one of the best accompanists anywhere, we sang using support from the Austin pipe organ. The score has a note explaining possible accompanied or a cappella ways to present the piece. I invite you to examine both versions. 

The New Testament Epistle of Jude closes with this text. It is a doxology, i.e., a short hymn of praise to God that in Christian worship often comes at the end of canticles, psalms, and hymns. Jude's epistle concludes with "Amen." Likewise, extensive "amens" end this piece, making it suitable as a benediction for the close of worship.

As with other of my compositions and arrangements, Now to You, Our God has undergone changes over the years. Most of these came in preparation for posting on the totally new